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Enrich the Quality of Life of Special Needs Families

Help parents have healthier relationships and outcomes for themselves and for their children affected by complex developmental challenges

Join Us and Let’s Help build Friendships

Imagine not having a friend, brother or sister in your life to laugh, play or share with at school, at home or in your neighborhood because it’s difficult for you to socialize, speak or communicate with others. And your only hope is that someone can help you. Special Needs in My City is changing how families with special needs connect, find support and build friendships across communities through committed partners and programs. A basic human desire to want a friend. Can you help us make it happen?

Keep Informed

We provide timely and relevant information to families with developmental and intellectual challenges.

Get Support

We conduct emotional and mental support sessions for parents and caregivers via online meetings, webinars and events.

Feel Connected

We create social connections for special needs parents and caregivers so their children have opportunities for friendships and have opportunities to lead their own independent lives.

what parents are saying about special needs in my city

“Specialneedsinmycity is a compassionate group of parents who come together to support and guide each other in any area of need. We share community resources and create solutions for one another in areas where we have gained no prior help. The most valuable connection is made here in this group. By staying connected and sharing; we educate one another to become stronger advocates for our children. I’m understood here.”

– Barbara A.

“We, here in the Central Valley California are blessed to have this useful Website for ALL special needs parents. Whether you have a toddler, middle schooler, high schooler or adult, the information on this Website provides many gold nuggets. As a parent, you will discover advocating for your child/adult becomes much easier when you learn new strategies, have support and connect with other parents on a regular basis! Specialneedsinmycity provides this gateway. Stop trying to advocate alone!!”

Brenda B.

“I really appreciate this Website because I’ve never seen anything that list different activities and events that are going on for children of diverse needs. I’m a parent of two male children with disabilities and also a case manager for children with disabilities. This website has been very helpful as a resource for not only my personal life but my professional life.”

– Andrea C.